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Where to put roms for wii64

Wii Port of the popular multi-OS N64 emulator, Mupen64, to the Nintendo Put ROMs in the directory named /wii64/roms (All save types will. I always though Wii64 was able to read roms kariyerbranda.com format, but when I try to load them it says unable to recognize rom format or something, was. Wii64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator that was released only recently. Download Wii64 and extract the 7z file to your SD card 2. Put your roms in SD:/Wii64/Roms/.

There will be a corresponding "Wii64" folder that needs to be put on the root of the the Wii64 configuration folder as well as the "ROMS" folder for the games. 1. goto load rom from usb 2. 3. it should find thee roms like the other emulators do but gives error about finding the directory "usb:/wii64/rom. Hey, sorry lol, I've been trying to get wii64 to work, but every time I try and load a ROM from my USB drive it always comes up with the same.

i am trying to load n64 romsd on wii64 when i go to load from usb it says an error has occurred and thats it any1 know anything cheers. I bought a Wii which had Wii64 installed on it with a whole bunch of games in it. I' ve been Put the N64 roms in /Not64/roms/ folder. Saves go. Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser Put ROMs in the directory named / wii64/roms (All save types will automatically be placed in Developers ยท Currently.

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