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Bass tuned down whole step

I don't wanna buy a five-string bass, but it really makes sense to me to Have any of you ever tuned you strings down a whole step, or even. D Tuning, also called One Step Lower, Whole Step Down, Full Step or D Standard, is an alternate tuning for guitar. Each string is lowered by a whole tone or two. My bass is now in standard tuning, but with a band I'm going to have to tune down a full step because of the singer's vocal range limit.

Full Step Down is a tuning where all six strings are tuned down 1 full tone. Tune the low E to a D. Exactly like you'd do to get into Drop D guitar tuning. The guitarist in my current band is now tuning a whole step down. What string I had Rotosound Swing 66 on a jazz bass for DGCF. Another reason is to match the guitar player's tuning. Some guitarists, like Stevie Ray Vaughn, tune down all their strings a half-step making the strings looser.

Tune your bass using the StudyBass online bass tuner. I was wondering what would be a good bass and string set combo for tuning a half step down, like D# G# C# F#. Currently I only have a. It was strange at first, because I had to get used to the half-step difference in another bass on the fly or have to borrow a bass to sit in without time to re-tune. instead of always thinking “C, then down a half step” every time.

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