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What is us debt to china

China holds the greatest amount of U.S. debt by a foreign country. Japan comes second at $ trillion, followed by Brazil at $ billion. the People's Republic of China's "extensive" holdings of United States government debt. See how much U.S. debt is actually owned by the Chinese, what it means to the economy, and why China is willing to lend so much money.

China holds $ trillion of U.S. government debt. Economists and investors worry if there is a trade war, China could reduce its U.S. debt. Many worry that China's ownership of American debt affords the Chinese leverage over the US, but this worry stems from a misunderstanding of sovereign debt. Swagato gives the definition of what it means to be a creditor of sovereign debt, but I'd like to point out a couple additional things. While perhaps implied, I think.

The Chinese government or Chinese investors likely own even more U.S. debt purchased through entities in other countries such as Hong. How much of the US debt does China really own, how does it compare to other foreign countries, and is it really such a bad thing for. China's holdings of U.S. government debt swelled to $ trillion by the end of , up $ billion from a year earlier, according to Treasury. China owns more U.S. debt than any other country. Selling its current supply of U.S. treasury bonds to mess with the American economy would.

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